About I've Only Been Wrong Twice

I've Only Been Wrong Twice is a weekly advice podcast with Danny Palmer and Elizabeth Martin. Each week, real listeners ask us real questions, we give those listeners fake names, and we try to answer those questions as best they as can.

You can listen to new episodes every Tuesday on iTunes, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, and your favorite podcast app.


Danny Palmer

Danny Palmer is a creative director and art director who lives who lives in Portland, OR. His work has been used in campaigns for companies like Google, Puma, American Express, Getty Images, and others. You can see his work at dannyprose.com. He’s in love with an actor, everyone, and you. 


Elizabeth Martin

Elizabeth Martin is a writer, dog-owner, and creative who lives in Camas, WA. Her writing can be found at elizabethgracemartin.com. She’s in love with the reality of love. She can often be found over-analyzing something or booking a flight. Her favorite curse word is “fuck”.

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